TikTok records over 800 million active users globally, which means if you play your cards right, TikTok gives you the leverage to convert millions of people into customers. At the end of 2019, TikTok topped the list of most downloaded apps on Apple App Store, which is a clear indication that it has a growing user base for you to capitalize on.

80% of TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 30, which makes it a perfect choice if your target audience falls within that age bracket. This writeup gives you a clear insight into how you can make money with TikTok.

Although TikTok doesn’t offer any in-app payments to its users, you can strategically utilize its benefits to your own advantage. The strategies are as follows:

1) Make And Share

Create Engaging Videos. Before anything else, you have to create a TikTok account and know your way around the app generally. You should try ensuring that your TikTok username bears similarity to your business name or tag. This would practically make things easier for you. It’s a no brainer? Ok, let’s move on … so, surf the app and see what videos have the most likes. Once you’ve soaked it in, it’s time to get creative. Brain storm your format, your style, your videos catching others. It should produce a “wow”, a “oh, that’s cool”, a “hahahahah”, a “no way!” or whatever … to get the audience …

2) Relate

Relate your videos to your brand. If you can’t make videos based on your business, you could insert very short business-related clips at the end of your videos to highlight what you do.

This strategy is directly related to what you do. You could show your followers what it is like to be in that line of business, the highlights and many more. This helps them connect with you. Once they are connected, it’s super easy to turn them into customers.

3) Be Consistent

Bear in mind that consistency is key. This is true for all social media, but TikTok has even a higher speed level than others with its short clips and short attention span. So, make and share, make and share, make and share. Speed is everything. Every little creative idea that is coming to your mind? Post! Why? Once you have your followers stuck, you should not let them slip away.

4) Be trendy

You should check, follow and contribute to trends to enhance your visibility and go viral. Trends are a nice thing to boost your TikTok profile temporary in followers which is also bringing a long-term effect when you’re feeding the customers with similar content they like.
To increase the visibility even more, you should use corresponding hashtags which using trends and represent your business. Don’t use any general tags as #food or #fitness or whatever. The hashtags should be as a little bit nichy and match to your content and your brand.

5) Promote Cross-Channel

Your marketing should be cross-channel. Attach website links, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. that is dedicated to your business. In spite of the fact TikTok doesn’t allow you to attach links on your bio like Instagram, there’s still a way around it. Once you are fully aware of the type of videos that would be good for your business, you can attach links as texts directly in the videos.

It might be a little bit tedious for your followers, but if your business is worth it, people would definitely respond.

Moreover, build up a brand and corporate identity! Your business name should be close to your TikTok username, that your audience can easily find you. On top, your design should be recognized and you should spread your brand in the world wide web.

You wanna go viral? What’s stopping you?


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