Affiliate Marketing is a popular marketing buzz word, yes. But Affiliate Marketing is more. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest strategy for passive income when you want to start your dream job creating your own online business.

The reason for that is, that you neither need an own homepage nor an own product. That’s making money pretty simple, right?
So, what is Affiliate Marketing?
OK, short and simple …

Company C wants to sell products to buyer B.
You as affiliate marketer M are in the middle.
You are promoting the product to buyer B with a trackable affiliate link e. g. via social media.
Buyer B is seeing this, clicking on your link, coming to the company C’s landing page and buying the product there.

The company is recognizing this because of the trackable link click and paying you a provision of the product’s prize, let’s say 10%.

Offering this opportunity to create trackable affiliate links and getting royalties is the so called Affiliate marketing program.

This opportunity could be organized via the company C itself or as in most cases by a platform P. As the number of platforms is alarming high it could be quite confusing to pick the right one.

Thus, in this article, we are listing the …

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs

… including the different advantages. Let’s go:

#5 Etsy affiliate marketing program

Etsy is the best online market place for creative and passion-driven products. You could link creative products on Social Media like Instagram or Pinterest or your own blog or website. You should tell something about it, why you like, why you need it, why it is solving a problem or why and how it is supporting your creative process. Maybe, you can also build a collection of several products belonging together adding up to a new product.


  • Etsy offers you a 4% commission on any product sold using your affiliate program link.
  • Uniqueness of products
  • Easy registering process once having an Etsy account.

#4 Shopify affiliate marketing program

Shopify is the most famous drop shipping platform on the Internet. Shopify is helping you to start your own online shop, but it’s also offering an attractive affiliate marketing program.


  • Shopify has many features that are integrated in a logical way, e. g. zoom functions, photo galleries, video functionality and live preview is useable
  • Shopify is offering different templates also being responsive for mobile devices.
  • Shopify is having different SEO features that can be used to optimize the traffic performance
  • Shopify offers its affiliates 200% commission on the cost of its monthly subscription, and for every referral that used your link, you also get a commission.

#3 Fiverr affiliate marketing program

Fiverr is the best affiliate marketing program for services.
Fiverr is a large community of freelancers with over 5 million users.


  • When you want to promote services, Fiverr as the market leader is the best choice
  • Their commission ranges from 10% till 30% depending on the type of service

#2 eBay affiliate marketing program

eBay is another huge online marketing platform that allows affiliates to promote their products via its eBay partner network “epn”.


  • eBay’s strength is its wide product range.
  • It is very easy to generate affiliate links on eBay
  • You are allowed to not only work for the company but also work for yourself.
  • High potential commission from 40% till up to 80%
  • Quite transparent provision tracking.

#1 Amazon affiliate marketing program

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program via Amazon’s PartnerNet is one of the best marketing platforms where potential buyers could find millions of products. As an affiliate marketer, you have lots of …


  • Amazon offers you provisions for any product you can sell as an affiliate marketer.
  • It’s commission ranges from 1% to 12% percent depending on the type of product
  • The popularity and the trustworthiness of the Amazon platform is very high
  • Its conversion rate is quite friendly and helps marketers to maximize their earnings.
  • The affiliate marketing program is easy to use

To Wrap It Up

If you are young, smart, and you want to venture starting an online business, then starting as an affiliate marketer is one of the easiest ways. In the beginning, you only have to subscribe to a program and can directly create affiliate links without any own website or product.

When you’re showing some sales skills, you can generate significant money with the different provisions.

The platforms listed above are top-rated and picking any one to work with for your personal affiliate marketing business is a good opportunity. Just try it out!


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